Virus Info

In light of the strong recommendation by the Government not to travel we feel it irresponsible to keep the park open, we will be closed until AT LEAST the end of April when we will review advice from HM Government.

If you have paid a deposit or paid in full we would encourage you to move your booking to later in the year or even to next year, if you do not have a date in mind we can “Bank” your days indefinitely.

We are a Community run charity, at the end of the winter we rely on money coming in at Easter to pay the bills, as this will not happen this year we have little funds so cannot repay monies unless we get some financial help from the Government.

If you cannot postpone your holiday and were due to arrive before the end of April please bear with us, we will repay when funds become available.

All persons due to arrive before April 30th, please fill in the form here.

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